Badge timeline:

19-Nov-2013Badges added to Android App 2.1
Apparently 32 badges are available although only 25 show as locked in the app
7 known 'hidden' badges you can earn are:
Early Bird, 4 x Global rank badges, Oktoberfest and Meet the Makers
22-Nov-2013The 5 x Munzvember badges are given based on how many Munzvember Virtuals you deployed
27-Nov-2013Badges added to website
13-Dec-20133 x clan battle badges added and 'Player of the week'
18-Dec-2013On the 6th day of Christmas the first 'Christmas 2013' badges are awarded
18-Dec-20138 x social munzee badges added (4 x captures + 4 x captures on)
19-Dec-2013Badges added to iPhone App 2.1
7-Jan-20146 x motel munzee badges added (3 x captures + 3 x captures on)
26-Feb-2014Munzee Olympics participation badges awarded
2-Apr-2014Rovers activated... help indicates that badges may follow
3-Apr-20145 by 5 badge added, shows in badges list as greyed/locked style
the daily leaderboard 1st, 2nd, 7th and 13th badges are now hidden from the greyed out/locked list
12-Apr-2014Reseller badge has appeared
12-May-20143 x taking Rovers for walks badges and a badge for capping all virtual colours added
21-May-2014The 4 x RMH badges are given based on how many RMH Virtuals you deployed
28-May-2014Use a 'Blast Capture' badge added
29-May-2014Deploy 100 in a day badge added
13-Jun-2014World Cup 2014 badge added for capping a Copa Do Munzo special
1-Jul-2014Birthday Barker.. 3rd Birthday related Rover badge
1-Jul-2014Munzee's 3rd Birthday for activity in July 2014
3-Jul-2014Event Host
19-Jul-2014Europe Event II in Cologne and Rob Returns badge
26-Aug-2014Capture or deploy an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge munzee
9-Sep-2014Visit the Munzee Marketplace
17-Sep-2014Dirty Dozen - blast exactly 12 virtuals
17-Sep-2014Deploy in the Official Munzee Garden
22-Sep-2014Earn 25K points in a day
27-Sep-2014MHQ Bash 2014 - event badge, World's Collide McKinney and Behind the Wall
1-Oct-2014Curator and Historian badges added for 75 and 150 special types capped
3-Oct-2014SuperChuck badges for deploying 150 clan weapons
13-Oct-2014Munzee Munch, cap a halloween ghost special
17-Oct-2014Social Queen, capture 5,000 social munzees
28-Oct-20143 x clan battle winners medal badges... for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed clans
4-Nov-2014Cap a Guy Fawkes dynamite special
8-Dec-2014Capture a Christmas special
1-Feb-2015Capture or Deploy a Candy Heart
3-Feb-2015Capture an Eventzee launch special
6-Feb-20153 x 365 day streak
16-Feb-2015Pioneer badge for joining the game in 2011
27-Feb-20156 x hotel munzee badges added (3 x captures + 3 x captures on)
2-Mar-2015Come and take it! Cap a Texas Independence special
4-Mar-2015Mysterious badge, how to get it is unknown
12-Mar-2015Trail Blazer badge for deploying 5 trails
18-Apr-2015Coexist, geocache and munzee at the same event
3-May-2015Twice the fun, eventzee and munzee at the same event
11-May-2015Capture a May Flower special
21-May-20156 x Eventzee badges (3 for photos submitted, 3 for points earned).
7-Jun-2015Monthly Video Contest Participant
8-Jun-20153 x Eventzee badges (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places).
25-Jun-2015Support Ms Wheelchair Texas pink pin garden
1-Jul-20154th Birthday Event, attend one of the events early July
1-Jul-2015Rob's whirlwind tour of Europe
21-Jul-2015Meet Skylar / Ms Wheelchair Texas
24-Jul-20154th Birthday Playdate.. cap or deploy over 24th-26th July
3-Aug-2015Family jewels.. Capture or deploy the 6 types of gem
4-Aug-20153 x Eventzee badges (have photos added to the gallery)
13-Aug-2015Capture a physical of virtual Nomad
2-Sep-2015Millionaires club, 1000 and 5000 green deploys and Repeater badges added
3-Sep-2015Premium Photo - Upload a photo using the new 3.0 app
16-Sep-2015Host 5 or 10 events
1-Oct-2015Cap or deploy a Scorpio Zodiac special
1-Oct-2015Have a photo approved for the Haunted House Eventzee
20-Oct-2015Cap a Back to the Future day special
21-Oct-2015Get 3 photos approved for the Back to the Future 2 Eventzee
27-Oct-2015Cap or deploy a 'Flat Rob' munzee
31-Oct-2015Build a Perfect Monster - Cap 6 'creepy bag' / Halloween specials
1-Nov-2015Cap or deploy a Sagittarius Zodiac special
30-Nov-2015Own a Unicorn munzee
1-Dec-2015Cap or deploy a Capricorn Zodiac special
1-Dec-2015Deploy the 5 Christmas themed sickers from the December Munzpak
8-Dec-2015Dodgy Jumper badge given at events or December Monthly Video contest
25-Dec-2015Submit 12 photos for the 12 days of Christmas Eventzee
1-Jan-2016Cap or deploy an Aquarius Zodiac special
15-Jan-2016RMH Survivor Badge for cap or deploy of RMH special
22-Jan-20166 x Fitbit badges and 3 badges for the time to complete Eventzee
28-Jan-2016Eventzee 1st birthday, participate in the weekend Eventzee
1-Feb-2016World Wildlife Day badge came with February Munzpak
1-Feb-2016Cap or deploy an Pisces Zodiac special
3-Feb-2016Score 50K and 100K in a day badges
28-Feb-2016Cap a Leap day special
1-Mar-2016Cap or deploy an Aries Zodiac special
1-Mar-2016Own a Leprechaun munzee
17-Mar-2016Capture 1, 50 or 100 different Unicorns or Leprechauns
1-Apr-2016Cap or deploy a Taurus Zodiac special
12-Apr-2016Queen of the World badge awarded to hunniees
18-Apr-2016Cap an April Showers special
1-May-2016Cap or deploy a Gemini Zodiac special
31-May-2016Fire mysteries - Deploy 1 or 5, Cap 1, 100 or 250. Burned 1, 25 or 100 times
1-Jun-2016Cap or deploy a Cancer Zodiac special
9-Jun-2016Cap a Get Outside special
20-Jun-2016Cap 1, 50 or 100 recycle munzees
1-Jul-2016Cap or deploy a Leo Zodiac special
1-Jul-2016Dragons added. Badges for ownership and capping 1, 50 or 100 different Dragons
1-Aug-2016Cap or deploy a Virgo Zodiac special
18-Aug-2016Capping RUM, recycle and Hotel badges for number capped and deployed
25-Aug-2016New leaderboard badges - Top 500, 1000 and 2000.. daily 21st, 42nd, 50th and 100th
26-Aug-2016Cap a Back to School special
31-Aug-2016New Pi badges for daily score of 314, 3,141 or 31,415 pts
1-Sep-2016Cap or deploy a Libra Zodiac special
7-Sep-2016Deploy 5 RUM from 1, 3 or 5 unique resellers
12-Oct-2016Cap a Breast Cancer Awareness temporary special
9-Nov-2016Cap a Remembrance day special
11-Nov-2016Cap 1, 50 or 150 Personal munzees