Clan war medals table:

All medal winning clansResults
Clan Gold Silver Bronze Total
1FMH Super Chuckers2514746
2Sunshine State1114631
4Hummel Hummel3126
5Schwoaba Munzeers Players2316
6Munzee Meatballs221014
7=The Aussie Scavengers 22114
7=UK's Dorset & Hampshire I2114
11=Freaky Munzee Clan1102
11=Team Delbrueck1102
13=Foxtrot Oscar1012
13=NY Munzee Hunters I1012
16=Hot Summer Knights1001
16=Jibby! Jibby! Jibby! etc.. :)1001
16=One Black1001
16=SoCal Slayers1001
16=The happy campers1001
24The Pirates I0235
25FMH Super Chuckers III0224
26Aussie Munzers0213
27FMH Super Chuckers II0202
28Live Free or Die0134
29Phoenix Rising0123
30=Danish Dynamite0112
30=Sunshine State II0112
33=Berlin Munzters0101
33=Czech team0101
33=Pilsner Munzers0101
33=SmartyPants 30101
33=Southwest Munzers!0101
39Maryland Munzee Militia0033
40Munzee Madness0022
41=Clan WA0011
41=Flanders munzee association0011
41=German gluers0011
41=Jewel Hunters - Ruby0011
41=Munzee funzee0011
41=New England Minutemen0011
41=The Melbourne Cappers0011
41=Zee Cappers0011
FMH Super Chuckers have won 46 clan war medals


Breakdown of medal wins:

FMH Super Chuckers20
FMH Super Chuckers21
FMH Super Chuckers22
FMH Super Chuckers23
FMH Super Chuckers24
FMH Super Chuckers25
FMH Super Chuckers26
FMH Super Chuckers27
FMH Super Chuckers28
FMH Super Chuckers29
FMH Super Chuckers30
FMH Super Chuckers31
FMH Super Chuckers32
FMH Super Chuckers33
FMH Super Chuckers34
FMH Super Chuckers35
FMH Super Chuckers36
FMH Super Chuckers37
FMH Super Chuckers38
FMH Super Chuckers39
FMH Super Chuckers41
FMH Super Chuckers42
FMH Super Chuckers43
FMH Super Chuckers44
FMH Super Chuckers45
FMH Super Chuckers46
FMH Super Chuckers47
FMH Super Chuckers48
FMH Super Chuckers49
FMH Super Chuckers50
FMH Super Chuckers51
FMH Super Chuckers52
FMH Super Chuckers53
FMH Super Chuckers54
FMH Super Chuckers55
FMH Super Chuckers56
FMH Super Chuckers57
FMH Super Chuckers58
FMH Super Chuckers59
FMH Super Chuckers60
FMH Super Chuckers61
FMH Super Chuckers62
FMH Super Chuckers63
FMH Super Chuckers64
FMH Super Chuckers65
FMH Super Chuckers66