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The closest 'special' munzees...

53,114 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Top railings. .Portlandtaxi343Cassie, Go for Your Dream #546TXhappycamper04 hrs 13 min1 miles-
Virtual Munzee molholroydmooPegasus Munzee #1208Hana880411 hrs 04 min2 miles-
8 Kings Telepole THGeorifflesUnicorn Munzee #957Thegenie1800 hrs 51 min2 miles-
Georiffles' Southwell SkylandGeorifflesHades #68iwannamunzee05 hrs 43 min2 miles-
Southwell Business Park - lp9GeorifflesRoosa #105ahagmann03 hrs 49 min2 miles-
Bridge railing PortlandsportytaxiYeti Munzee #994cuttingcrew02 hrs 36 min2 miles-
37C179 numbers - Chickerell RdGeorifflesRetired Cyclops Munzee #1754breeza07 hrs 13 min4 miles-
Weymouth Railway Station BasilgasPufrain #827DABirds03 hrs 49 min4 miles-
Bus stop - WeymouthGeorifflesNymph Munzee #792Scorpio03 hrs 30 min5 miles-
Skyland... Whynot?? tomfrancxsPimedus #550Antonella00 hrs 26 min5 miles-
Skyland... Whynot?? tomfrancxsButterfly #23867Shun7900 hrs 47 min5 miles-
Virtual MunzerWhoisthedaddySafiir #86Calvertcachers03 hrs 25 min5 miles-
7L225dorsetknobRetired Unicorn Munzee #509raWrie8710 hrs 30 min6 miles-
Preston Rd, Bus StopGeorifflesMitmegu #1416Cocobella04 hrs 59 min6 miles-
RingsteadGozzerUnicorn Munzee #2042Vonney06 hrs 49 min7 miles-
Knightwood's Dorchester Railway No 12 MVM YellowknightwoodSafiir #7662mctwins00 hrs 21 min10 miles-
Lamppost 26w33dorsetknobAphrodite #726SuburbanHillbillies09 hrs 31 min11 miles-
Virtual Dorchester #01yoohooCold Flat Rob #394BaDo09 hrs 44 min11 miles-
Woodlands crescent signnuttynanTuli #932tmabrey00 hrs 27 min11 miles-
11C278 door, Cocklands - CharminsterGeorifflesYeti Munzee #70listom02 hrs 48 min12 miles-
Green cabinet @ PunknowledorsetknobHydra Munzee #729annaabbs03 hrs 53 min14 miles-
Gate hinge by boltFound2012Tuli #1423jestoner05 hrs 23 min14 miles-
Wooden postmoonkatukGarden Gnome #1304iris195600 hrs 43 min15 miles-
Bere Regis PBGozzerGarden Gnome #3421ChinaBulls00 hrs 54 min17 miles-
Pay and display - green stickerdorsetknobHydra Munzee #1337Jobok01 hrs 56 min17 miles-
Sub in the Harbour!TheEvilPolesSaltwater Fishing Pole01 hrs 14 min18 miles-
Nanny's houseMummyandMeAmetust #241StaceyZ02 hrs 53 min18 miles-
Green cabinetdorsetknobRetired Yeti Munzee #386lascaux11 hrs 02 min18 miles-
Bloxworth sethnlynMuru #1070TheJudge04 hrs 22 min18 miles-
Vacuum cleaner and airdorsetknobCyclops Munzee #1424no56ho03 hrs 03 min18 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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