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If you provide an optional player name, any previously capped mythos will show as a red 'captured' pin.
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The closest 'special' munzees...

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
MeresideGozzerTreasure Ship04 hrs 23 min1 miles
Blue ThunderGeorifflesPegasus Munzee #1023chiefturtles10 hrs 18 min1 miles-
Business ParkGozzerFaun Munzee #1172Hmmm01 hrs 11 min2 miles-
1E66 - Elizabeth WayGeorifflesUnicorn Munzee #56MNBuckeyeFan04 hrs 44 min5 miles-
Dorchester Rd - Grey boxGeorifflesLeprechaun Munzee #1554TheLonePenguin10 hrs 47 min6 miles-
Danger YellowUbiqueMermaid Munzee #848DaddyOMommyO11 hrs 46 min10 miles-
FM yellow xing boxGeorifflesTuli #699stineB04 hrs 33 min11 miles-
Roundabout signdorsetknobWanda #1077TeamLegoMen10 hrs 49 min11 miles-
Big Green boxSusimickeyLeprechaun Munzee #1390JS196509 hrs 54 min13 miles-
Throop circular walk 10lifeonholidayCyclops Munzee #986WriteAndMane05 hrs 21 min15 miles-
Streche rd - footpath signGemgemJFaun Munzee #761mihul11 hrs 33 min17 miles-
Tramway WalkYorkshireTaffHydra Munzee #1171Emorillo06 hrs 58 min17 miles-
Green poledorsetknobFaun Munzee #1252TeamKing03 hrs 46 min18 miles-
Cycle pathdorsetknobMermaid Munzee #237Hallanmaja09 hrs 16 min18 miles-
482 feet high CraftyslhHermione #186wemissmo10 hrs 36 min19 miles-
MVM WhiteOldFruitsPegasus Munzee #1313ZombieCacher07 hrs 32 min20 miles-
Lamp Post 2c388 Swanage acejasFaun Munzee #421ChasingBlueSky01 hrs 27 min21 miles-
Turlin Moor fields - gate postGemgemJDragon Munzee #400NavywifeRN10 hrs 35 min22 miles-
Bridge LamppostTheJacksonsJasmin #736MelC7404 hrs 56 min22 miles-
Lamp post 8 (5)pilsleyguyYeti Munzee #1259Bobo110 hrs 24 min23 miles-
2014.5 BH21 [59] @LPFound2012Leprechaun Munzee #833moonkatuk07 hrs 22 min23 miles-
green box..pooletaxi343Vesi #424Raupe03 hrs 58 min23 miles-
rsmillieDragon Munzee #1323LegionRider11 hrs 29 min24 miles-
CBX MVM cbx1000Pegasus Munzee #756RBM11 hrs 11 min24 miles-
LP 6 coverAspenPinesCyclops Munzee #1119Mattie03 hrs 59 min24 miles-
Small grey box by metersdorsetknobFairy Munzee #58Gatormayma05 hrs 10 min25 miles-
Ruby Lp BstonesportytaxiTreasure Ship05 hrs 17 min25 miles
parking poleFound2012Dragon Munzee #829Bones08 hrs 11 min25 miles-
Ling lp10TelfordVesi #910Leesap05 hrs 26 min25 miles-
Small FirUbiqueSasquatch Yeti #10cecie02 hrs 54 min26 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time