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29,724 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
T.T. Visiting Isle of Portland.trevosetreckersFace-Off Flat Matt #137Moonster04 hrs 11 min0 miles-
No ball games - GreenwaysGeorifflesMitmegu #1132Devnulluk04 hrs 08 min1 miles-
Portland randomDarthXrisFaerieDeeMitmegu #710JulesOfSunshine05 hrs 17 min1 miles-
Blue post,caution sign,Portlandtaxi343Fairy Munzee #1248lupinchen07 hrs 43 min3 miles-
Granby Way - 4G101GeorifflesLeprechaun Munzee #755Airwolf2610 hrs 54 min5 miles-
Drain pipe Lidi WeymouthsportytaxiMuru #501bearmomscouter04 hrs 50 min5 miles-
6T175 door - Turnstone ClGeorifflesVesi #1232lahosken03 hrs 19 min7 miles-
Eduardo at Dorchester 1PompeyAquilaPegasus Munzee #1388Warriors06 hrs 27 min10 miles-
Lp 5 p lownuttynanDragon Munzee #300Spiek108 hrs 56 min11 miles-
Green Box - CharminsterGeorifflesBanshee Munzee #740JazzCat03 hrs 53 min12 miles-
Tolpuddle Telegraph PoleFound2012Yeti Munzee #1464Jobok03 hrs 58 min14 miles-
Kimmeridge - phone boxGeorifflesUnicorn Munzee #375Plumster06 hrs 54 min15 miles-
LP 7n 89WriteAndManeDragon Munzee #1184Flogni03 hrs 35 min17 miles-
Welcome to Corfe Castle - The Friendly ClubTinyTrioMermaid Munzee #141790mile05 hrs 56 min17 miles-
The Castle InnGozzerMitmegu #601BiPaGo01 hrs 36 min18 miles-
Morrisons delivery signStueyYeti Munzee #1210Noisette02 hrs 36 min18 miles-
MVM WhiteOldFruitsCold Flat Rob #708ageta06 hrs 05 min20 miles-
Swanage lifebuoyCCrosserUnicorn Munzee #1630Howdy705 hrs 13 min22 miles-
Green cabinetdorsetknobDWVH - Banshee #770Hanry03 hrs 02 min22 miles-
Tp 1A uptsportytaxiBanshee Munzee #65Peter198000 hrs 59 min22 miles-
Rockley Rd LP 11PapaspuRYeti Munzee #76TBandit10 hrs 01 min22 miles-
Wrose in Poole 1wroseFlat Shuttle05 hrs 11 min23 miles-
MVM Baiter 2014 #3JamspongeandouzyPegasus Munzee #864monrose05 hrs 54 min24 miles-
Corner Post CkmsportytaxiBanshee Munzee #1309lleennkkaa09 hrs 30 min24 miles-
GREEN BOXLILYGRIMALDIMitmegu #1197bisygisy05 hrs 16 min24 miles-
Sandbanks - Lamp ColumnJamspongeandouzyTuli #796oriole02 hrs 13 min24 miles-
Bus stop lpHerbieRetired Faun Munzee #336Nunnehi08 hrs 42 min25 miles-
2013.10 - Merley Woods 1Found2012Unicorn Munzee #1338hupspups11 hrs 53 min25 miles-
green boxtaxi344Butterfly #1348ponu03 hrs 27 min25 miles-
Give waydorsetknobDragon Munzee #1366TeacherMike09 hrs 55 min25 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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