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The closest 'special' munzees...

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
45geminimanMime01 hrs 41 min0 miles
The Grove - 15 mphGeorifflesRodeo Clown01 hrs 41 min1 miles
Portland Bill lighthouse virtualpenguins3Pegasus Munzee #247Henning4908 hrs 47 min3 miles-
Ice 7B392 - Buxton RdGeorifflesYeti Munzee #213teamsnook02 hrs 01 min3 miles-
One Way - Ilchester RdGeorifflesClown Car05 hrs 46 min4 miles
Chickerell - Jurassic Coast signGeorifflesMermaid Munzee #876Luckylady08 hrs 06 min5 miles-
Overcombe crossingGeorifflesTuli #1535cbf60003 hrs 19 min5 miles-
Knightwood's Dorchester Railway No 5 MVM RedknightwoodPegasus Munzee #448mikeb96408 hrs 51 min10 miles-
Top O Town Car ParkGeorifflesVesi #405NEGeocachingSupplies01 hrs 07 min11 miles-
LP 1 coverAspenPinesClown Car04 hrs 00 min13 miles
Wool Wandering - Knowle Hill NoonooYeti Munzee #666candyfloss6407 hrs 59 min13 miles-
Shirley rd - post boxGemgemJUnicorn Munzee #1377megahonkfeet04 hrs 19 min17 miles-
West Bay car parkpenguins3Cyclops Munzee #615Empbu10 hrs 50 min18 miles-
Corded telephone exchange M & DteamfizzDragon Munzee #1233stagetree07 hrs 58 min18 miles-
Organford Telephone Box ShelfFound2012Tuli #1298StationMaster03 hrs 53 min20 miles-
Bus shelterdorsetknobClown Car05 hrs 09 min22 miles
Blandford Rd lpBunni3zUnicorn Munzee #996SpaceCoastGeoStore06 hrs 49 min22 miles-
v ivy treeUbiqueVesi #885Howdy702 hrs 21 min22 miles-
Thornton close road sign!taxi343Vesi #1092INDIGO170404 hrs 44 min23 miles-
St John's parking signTelfordYeti Munzee #1638BrazenDidi06 hrs 58 min24 miles-
Pay heredorsetknobVesi #375GeoRon05 hrs 02 min24 miles-
Sandbanks Jamspongeandouzy MVM 3JamspongeandouzyPegasus Munzee #446TubaDude08 hrs 40 min24 miles-
lp,ckmtaxi343Hydra Munzee #1320nokia625511 hrs 05 min24 miles-
fenceUbiqueHydra Munzee #1628voty10 hrs 17 min24 miles-
This way to the police stationStueyClown Car03 hrs 11 min25 miles
South Trail #03UbiqueClown Car04 hrs 36 min25 miles
Badbury Rings TurnClareppuccinoPegasus Munzee #176HiDude00 hrs 50 min25 miles-
2014.2 Penn Hill 33 @LPFound2012Clown Car02 hrs 56 min25 miles
grey diamondPixiewixCyclops Munzee #1160Hallanmaja05 hrs 38 min25 miles-
Circular SignFound2012Hydra Munzee #1591zelvik09 hrs 37 min25 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time