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The closest 'special' munzees...

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Georiffles' MVM - Chesil BeachGeorifflesPegasus Munzee #1240Anitaz09 hrs 08 min1 miles-
WM 7S487 - Sweethill RdGeorifflesHydra Munzee #474Isopun211 hrs 01 min2 miles-
9h168dorsetknobMermaid Munzee #75magnetman08 hrs 49 min3 miles-
Green Box 27 Wymsportytaxi⚔️ Toto II #1727Alzarius01 hrs 01 min4 miles-
Link park No2 S/SdorsetknobVesi #570Thegenie1803 hrs 19 min5 miles-
2I2 door - Icen RdGeorifflesVesi #669bitwiz04 hrs 58 min5 miles-
Overcombe Corner Bus StopthehowlersVesi #142mding4gold01 hrs 43 min5 miles-
Danger RedUbiqueFaun Munzee #831revbuggy05 hrs 44 min10 miles-
Fire11PompeyAquilaTuli #557Beermaven01 hrs 19 min11 miles-
Gate great viewsStueyVesi #1prmarks139105 hrs 21 min11 miles-
The Beach Car Park sign - on backdorsetknobMuru #136rgforsythe01 hrs 25 min13 miles-
Bovington CampGozzerFaun Munzee #606sandyballs04 hrs 40 min13 miles-
Weak bridgedorsetknobCyclops Munzee #515Garfld6700 hrs 26 min16 miles-
Frome rd - rd signGemgemJLeprechaun Munzee #1188bethd04 hrs 36 min17 miles-
Yellow DoD - Bere RegisGeorifflesUnicorn Munzee #1556Carrina05 hrs 52 min17 miles-
Geocaching and garlicCraftyslhRetired Unicorn Munzee #1516LAYGO01 hrs 30 min17 miles-
Gate Hinge Feb15Found2012Yeti Munzee #1509Mommy4201 hrs 54 min17 miles-
Big Green box - West BayGeorifflesTuli #781janzattic03 hrs 57 min18 miles-
Corfe Castle lp 3S363CCrosserUnicorn Munzee #1183MyraTX08 hrs 42 min18 miles-
5R23 door - Rax Ln, BridportGeorifflesYeti Munzee #930geoffallemand00 hrs 35 min19 miles-
Liable to FloodingsethnlynBuckeye’s Melusine Mermaid #630Buckeyecacher11103 hrs 07 min19 miles-
Thin PostUbiqueLeprechaun Munzee #1676Ecorangers04 hrs 10 min19 miles-
Lytchett stroll - 30 signGemgemJFaun Munzee #321MeineDas08 hrs 27 min21 miles-
Lychett Minster rallyCCrosserVesi #1011Obi-Cal02 hrs 47 min21 miles-
Hamilton rd - TPGemgemJCyclops Munzee #1703ErinBug23206 hrs 36 min22 miles-
Lamp post 19 (i)pilsleyguyHydra Munzee #1362Cashburner07 hrs 24 min23 miles-
Twohoots MVM Whiteferry tolltwohootsPegasus Munzee #682MyraTX10 hrs 17 min23 miles-
lamp post 12h227acejasHydra Munzee #425Bandyrooster10 hrs 13 min23 miles-
Fence Post CkmsportytaxiCyclops Munzee #156KlassicKelly04 hrs 21 min23 miles-
coast path?miballCyclops Munzee #1054CaptainTrips10 hrs 37 min24 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time