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48 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
twohoots stoney cross mvmtwohootsVR Goggles 2020 Vision11 hrs 00 min43 miles-
Evans placealdwicksubsJeweler Loupe 2020 Vision07 hrs 44 min79 miles-
WTF: do he heck ring twice! rodzViewfinder 2020 Vision09 hrs 34 min115 miles-
Pay by PhoneMandMViewfinder 2020 Vision04 hrs 29 min125 miles-
Lp7ant89Welding Goggles 2020 Vision00 hrs 56 min164 miles-
Steel Gate Post8a22aSummer Shades 2020 Vision04 hrs 34 min235 miles-
Fietsknooppunt 42 - Burg. HustinxstraatRhaegalViewfinder 2020 Vision03 hrs 57 min370 miles-
Chillerfourfleur 7ChillerFourFleurSpectacular Spectacles 2020 Vision00 hrs 31 min383 miles-
Virtual MunzeesouliAviators 2020 Vision01 hrs 33 min387 miles-
*** Munzee MS *** [706]owlsurferWelding Goggles 2020 Vision09 hrs 10 min449 miles-
PrivatgrundstückNexus69Jeweler Loupe 2020 Vision11 hrs 37 min504 miles-
Laterne MetzingenNoahCacheJoke Glasses 2020 Vision06 hrs 41 min543 miles-
HPAblindaugeJeweler Loupe 2020 Vision00 hrs 00 min554 miles-
Berliner Bär VMyellow41#278kasimirAviators 2020 Vision04 hrs 55 min685 miles-
Berlin Virtual Gardenslupo6VR Goggles 2020 Vision07 hrs 58 min688 miles-
DLB V259 Puerta del Sol Madriddlbisblest3D Glasses 2020 Vision04 hrs 35 min703 miles-
Statoil Stora HögaRraisaSummer Shades 2020 Vision04 hrs 33 min770 miles-
Bunyola #5coryfinSummer Shades 2020 Vision11 hrs 17 min790 miles-
OXSS (S) P by ELECTRICMinerva123Ski Goggles 2020 Vision06 hrs 46 min956 miles-
Easter BudapestWhisperInTheWindTheatre Binoculars 2020 Vision05 hrs 19 min995 miles-
Alma u #3pozoli1Jeweler Loupe 2020 Vision11 hrs 32 min1106 miles-
Yliksen muistomunkkiUljasRitariVR Goggles 2020 Vision07 hrs 21 min1251 miles-
Parking by permit onlymustanglover1967Summer Shades 2020 Vision06 hrs 23 min2241 miles-
Virtual at Dartmouth HitchcockWeLoveDangerAviators 2020 Vision07 hrs 29 min3185 miles-
Peck OakWaldenRunJoke Glasses 2020 Vision01 hrs 53 min3188 miles-
Jibby MichaelstbygateSummer Shades 2020 Vision10 hrs 14 min3206 miles-
South Creek Park (616)FrankBroughtonJeweler Loupe 2020 Vision11 hrs 39 min3489 miles-
Maryland Flag White VM 6x13mikeb964Aviators 2020 Vision10 hrs 17 min3555 miles-
MVM WhitemkcopperThe King's Sunglasses 2020 Vision01 hrs 40 min3734 miles-
Kennedy Av Trailpulda1Summer Shades 2020 Vision07 hrs 44 min3810 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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