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267 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Woodland Wander 19aCaptainKiddRainbow Unicorn #11cecie01 hrs 02 min45 miles-
Ryder`s Hill TrigpointGribbenFire Pegasus #17wylcrawford00 hrs 00 min64 miles-
M119lloyd77Fairy Godmother #15wylcrawford09 hrs 25 min85 miles-
PmutchieSasquatch Yeti #3dderryberry6010 hrs 32 min91 miles-
Lineover WoodGribbenChimera #21Raan00 hrs 58 min92 miles-
Footpath Sign Sudeley Castle WinchcombejeffcymruFairy Godmother #9hksfarm00 hrs 00 min99 miles-
Bus Stop CM - The AvenuePeter1980Ice Dragon #20fixitman00 hrs 33 min109 miles-
Railings Blatchington hill SeafordNeto1985Cherub #23gmigueis10 hrs 32 min113 miles-
Green boxmickyzGnome Leprechaun #3dderryberry6007 hrs 24 min130 miles-
Lime Greenie TwoThumbsFreshMother Earth #15fixitman03 hrs 32 min143 miles-
South Africans in Bratton AgainGCMTWoodNotorious B.I.G.Foot #9hksfarm03 hrs 23 min149 miles-
Tolleshunt knights playing fields 6hollyncharlieChimera #7VanderArban02 hrs 31 min164 miles-
West Mersea triangle - BenchgspleoRainbow Unicorn #20BL4CKWAT3R09 hrs 20 min168 miles-
Life bouyentdevilIce Dragon #15SpaceCoastGeoStore05 hrs 11 min169 miles-
Where my yacht? 🚤⛵SidcupGnome Leprechaun #27Violetblonde00 hrs 27 min177 miles-
Monsal HeadspottersRainbow Unicorn #9Bunchalotta00 hrs 17 min188 miles-
LP 9LanniesSasquatch Yeti #20fixitman06 hrs 30 min194 miles-
WBP WildflowersMossleyMuppetsMother Earth #7hksfarm04 hrs 46 min198 miles-
BarrierKFL200Chimera #5RedCarRobbie09 hrs 09 min198 miles-
M6JustinasRFire! Put it out Yote!!! #9hksfarm10 hrs 11 min201 miles-
Sea view seatitsonlymeSasquatch Yeti #8Bunchalotta01 hrs 53 min225 miles-
CAVENDISH DRIVEbrierSasquatch Yeti #23gmigueis10 hrs 26 min229 miles-
P signJavelin69Gorgon #14delanamunzee07 hrs 34 min242 miles-
RustigKris51Gnome Leprechaun #19wylcrawford06 hrs 07 min243 miles-
VM #421 Reighton Sands for Tanya and CoIanZCherub #19Cholland8611 hrs 09 min266 miles-
Sedbury Lay-byExplorerScoutGnome Leprechaun #6fizzypop05 hrs 08 min270 miles-
Ennerdale - Mountain RescuebingbonglongIce Dragon #4matthewmccann09 hrs 47 min277 miles-
dibd on the road 60 (Sint Job in t Goor)dibdMother Earth #12delanamunzee11 hrs 21 min311 miles-
VosdonkLeusinkGnome Leprechaun #15Charis04700 hrs 32 min314 miles-
🍎 Cathedrale de Namurappeltje32Gorgon #7VanderArban04 hrs 56 min321 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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