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The closest 'special' munzees...

277 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Burton Bradstock postGeorifflesSiren #7VanderArban05 hrs 16 min16 miles-
Green BoxGrowlersIce Dragon #7VanderArban11 hrs 28 min37 miles-
Watchet ShamrockNEGeocachingSuppliesGorgon #10Teraca05 hrs 41 min58 miles-
DODartofmunzeeingSiren #6dafi8706 hrs 48 min72 miles-
Virtual MunzeeGav678Cherub #21Kirikat08 hrs 59 min89 miles-
Give wayTheStormOgre #18Cholland8602 hrs 47 min89 miles-
Generic NamecadnapGnome Leprechaun #2geoibsons02 hrs 43 min134 miles-
Little Danger live wiresmw02vegRainbow Unicorn #11cecie04 hrs 16 min135 miles-
LPFound2012Ogre #8Bunchalotta05 hrs 16 min136 miles-
Walstead ElderlycanonbellSasquatch Yeti #22Raan08 hrs 44 min140 miles-
WCP 149 Porth Gwymom Gate 133WriteAndManeGorgon #16Cholland8610 hrs 26 min151 miles-
🧩 Chase II901problemsSiren #20gmigueis09 hrs 21 min154 miles-
Squirrel parkCazmoOgre #4matthewmccann00 hrs 05 min190 miles-
LPpadraigGorgon #21AndyCam10 hrs 06 min195 miles-
DismountbingbonglongIce Dragon #16delanamunzee05 hrs 04 min197 miles-
Sixty StretfordsStretfordenderCherub #17wylcrawford04 hrs 07 min199 miles-
NLW LP21IanZMother Earth #16Raan01 hrs 10 min201 miles-
GTR924GlewtekFairy Godmother #9hksfarm04 hrs 59 min209 miles-
Uit 1866... Ode aan de Lievensmolen!Dromo76Chimera #8Bunchalotta07 hrs 46 min247 miles-
Park With A ViewBreadGalGnome Leprechaun #8VanderArban10 hrs 46 min247 miles-
Jewels HoekselijnpadDeLeeuwenChimera #21Raan11 hrs 25 min307 miles-
Green Fields 01 10AlbatrozzSiren #19Raan08 hrs 51 min360 miles-
Nimstal - BusKnochenkotzerOgre #13Charis04708 hrs 53 min396 miles-
BB Rewe cart garageMrIVVIce Dragon #19Cholland8609 hrs 47 min398 miles-
Bonn, Rilkestraße 4530c-bnGnome Leprechaun #22fixitman09 hrs 41 min419 miles-
De thee fabriekbenotjeSasquatch Yeti #15SpaceCoastGeoStore06 hrs 39 min420 miles-
Virtual MunzeeMatroesFire Pegasus #5RedCarRobbie09 hrs 03 min427 miles-
Air Mystery @ B 42alohakasCherub #12donovanC02 hrs 48 min445 miles-
HenneseeSim1Ice Dragon #14DalenBarb04 hrs 26 min469 miles-
Erdgas Am GoldbergRoyalblueFairy Godmother #20gmigueis11 hrs 09 min476 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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