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The closest 'special' munzees...

272 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
DP 231HerbieFrog #41halizwein03 hrs 42 min22 miles-
Lp9pilsleyguyFrog #123OHail05 hrs 07 min24 miles-
Lp9,number,whwtaxi343Frog #134JustinasR05 hrs 00 min28 miles-
staplehill crescent WimbornesportytaxiFrog #193Keni01 hrs 36 min28 miles-
lcJamspongeandouzyFrog #197Clareppuccino00 hrs 08 min32 miles-
Hightown Road tpPiggy145Frog #163WE4NCS07 hrs 32 min35 miles-
Ilsham Trail 4LordDarcyFrog #236Raraku01 hrs 13 min47 miles-
CODSLympstoneBigtrottersFrog #212MrCB04 hrs 53 min56 miles-
lamp minzeekaykayFrog #194Apsalar04 hrs 03 min59 miles-
LP 29ChocolatefairyFrog #159nyisutter01 hrs 20 min61 miles-
MIlton parkmickyzFrog #129Cantseem01 hrs 57 min63 miles-
Airfield 1SpannermanFrog #43halizwein02 hrs 09 min72 miles-
Bench arm - right when satnuttynanFrog #259CrossedAnchors07 hrs 25 min100 miles-
QEA SigncanonbellFrog #74mrsboats03 hrs 40 min104 miles-
Riverside,West DraytonBabydaneFrog #66monrose05 hrs 48 min108 miles-
Parking postrodzFrog #24Savardfamily02 hrs 42 min114 miles-
Enderby medical practicesocialmisfitFrog #180JackSparrow02 hrs 22 min150 miles-
Phone boxTangoXtreemFrog #248CrossedAnchors03 hrs 03 min152 miles-
H2L - Line Up SignJayJayBee8Frog #122minof07 hrs 33 min166 miles-
GC HicklingDiy356Frog #280ChristyM04 hrs 09 min171 miles-
Rosedale DrivepastebucketFrog #83GrandpaArvada07 hrs 00 min173 miles-
123392Kate6985Frog #241sarahb2902 hrs 40 min175 miles-
Johnson 48056Kate6985Frog #166ly2kw03 hrs 48 min176 miles-
x17DezmondoFrog #242nuttynan06 hrs 51 min179 miles-
Clifton Park Museum Car Park 🅿️Penfold49Frog #16stineB06 hrs 06 min204 miles-
Cranes MeadowandyscorchFrog #245Penfold4902 hrs 29 min205 miles-
23150cha97mwFrog #64monrose04 hrs 26 min214 miles-
Speed camera back of sign Bunny993Frog #253mrsboats03 hrs 29 min218 miles-
By the bridgeitsonlymeFrog #117Lukyshak01 hrs 56 min221 miles-
Crossway terracecuttingcrewFrog #124dlovegrove05 hrs 57 min224 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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