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9,029 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Hampshire Road - fencepost nr lp20GeorifflesGarden Gnome #8527Bandyrooster01 hrs 32 min5 miles-
Skyland... Whynot?? tomfrancxsGarden Gnome #2535pikespice01 hrs 31 min5 miles-
swinton avenueEdsMunzeeGarden Gnome #1792Brazilia05 hrs 08 min13 miles-
Kimmeridge - dangerous cliffsGeorifflesGarden Gnome #2387granitente03 hrs 41 min14 miles-
Cycle sign WarehamFound2012Garden Gnome #9582DarbyJoan05 hrs 19 min17 miles-
CTW#402UbiqueGarden Gnome #7278boneto03 hrs 20 min22 miles-
Brownsea Virtual MunzeeDipsticksGarden Gnome #9584coomby05 hrs 19 min23 miles-
Spetisbury BridgeImInEreGarden Gnome #7583annaabbs03 hrs 08 min23 miles-
marko trolley baytaxi343Garden Gnome #2245lostsole6801 hrs 57 min23 miles-
TreehousesethnlynGarden Gnome #7623wheelybarrow00 hrs 44 min24 miles-
Lp 45pilsleyguyGarden Gnome #556nora105 hrs 39 min25 miles-
Don't feed the horsesHerbieGarden Gnome #5689MrsHB3103 hrs 04 min29 miles-
Claremont Treehousejonseyboy52Garden Gnome #1388twohoots04 hrs 04 min29 miles-
Claremont Treehousejonseyboy52Garden Gnome #1118Rytmiorkesteri05 hrs 39 min29 miles-
7-39 Forde ParkdorsetknobGarden Gnome #5341Roedii00 hrs 41 min29 miles-
Asparagus for the Green Man of FerndownHingeAndBracketGarden Gnome #3024LadyHawke03 hrs 30 min29 miles-
Chevron signStueyGarden Gnome #8382Thuishuis01 hrs 29 min30 miles-
Old Barn LanechimemGarden Gnome #5117SpiritTree04 hrs 08 min31 miles-
Beach Huts Virt near the ElectricsCambridgeHannonsGarden Gnome #2394LindaH41703 hrs 43 min31 miles-
Skylander 2WhoisthedaddyGarden Gnome #3161peejay05 hrs 27 min32 miles-
40sethnlynGarden Gnome #8214Lilgreenbean05 hrs 25 min33 miles-
Howlers treehouse viewthehowlersGarden Gnome #6832Jennbaby8203 hrs 01 min33 miles-
Christchurch Skylandlads2013Garden Gnome #9691CrissOldNouvelleRoute01 hrs 11 min33 miles-
Highcliffe Green - LP 1H64LittleMeggieGarden Gnome #4558Soitenlysue02 hrs 49 min34 miles-
Rec 10mickyzGarden Gnome #6549nuttynan01 hrs 20 min34 miles-
Ground levelHellishwideloadGarden Gnome #7073Gordamenta01 hrs 29 min37 miles-
Antsy HillEthansdadGarden Gnome #4261teamsturms01 hrs 05 min37 miles-
SV90thehowlersGarden Gnome #9493Zax03 hrs 34 min37 miles-
MadMeany's 2nd TreehouseMadMeanyGarden Gnome #5862vt60100 hrs 00 min37 miles-
MadMeany's 2nd TreehouseMadMeanyGarden Gnome #5542einkilorind03 hrs 27 min37 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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