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4,604 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Chickerell link rd - lp9GeorifflesGarden Gnome #55Majsan02 hrs 30 min5 miles-
Dorchester by crazynightcrazynightGarden Gnome #2162Lehmis02 hrs 01 min11 miles-
Road signclaptrapGarden Gnome #3434smilinrylan03 hrs 14 min13 miles-
Throop circular walk 9lifeonholidayGarden Gnome #2674Superpeggy00 hrs 39 min15 miles-
MaryShelleys Ferndown Sports field 28MaryShelleyGarden Gnome #4590WellstrandTribe01 hrs 12 min29 miles-
Tintagel RoaddorsetknobGarden Gnome #2132kcpride04 hrs 44 min29 miles-
Assembly point THHerbieGarden Gnome #2531DTas00 hrs 28 min29 miles-
Sign Throoptaxi343Garden Gnome #3751Bungle03 hrs 22 min30 miles-
Go greenOliverNassGarden Gnome #438Ladyl8901 hrs 35 min33 miles-
Lamp post 5 dog stickerpilsleyguyGarden Gnome #4155cbasdisabelle7405 hrs 30 min35 miles-
Pixie's SkylandPixiewixGarden Gnome #3781Mdmulli04 hrs 14 min37 miles-
Marks 2nd SkylandJamspongeandouzyGarden Gnome #1144scarlettdragon01 hrs 06 min37 miles-
Otter NurseriesBabydaneGarden Gnome #3018kcpride01 hrs 36 min39 miles-
Highfield Road green boxwheelybarrowGarden Gnome #4367Esorylime03 hrs 28 min40 miles-
Apple GardenIggiePiggieGarden Gnome #2617emb02104 hrs 03 min43 miles-
LL - Black legCaptainKiddGarden Gnome #3516Buckeyecacher11102 hrs 11 min44 miles-
M5 - North Newton jonseyboy52Garden Gnome #3217llamah03 hrs 29 min44 miles-
Wheelybarrows Post Office SkylandwheelybarrowGarden Gnome #1585volki200002 hrs 21 min46 miles-
Wheelybarrows Post Office SkylandwheelybarrowGarden Gnome #2816Marc5414005 hrs 02 min46 miles-
Quick Deploy by Piggy145Piggy145Garden Gnome #3396DarthMaulMax05 hrs 08 min48 miles-
Shirley pond MVM84PaintedLadyGarden Gnome #3307karen196205 hrs 30 min51 miles-
lp1dannyboy638Garden Gnome #2604Soitenlysue01 hrs 11 min52 miles-
LP73 Treehouse #5TinyTrioGarden Gnome #3533Oskar69604 hrs 31 min52 miles-
Emma-Roses Tree House EmmaRoseGarden Gnome #260iAllyAnne02 hrs 51 min52 miles-
Westwood LP20BraziliaGarden Gnome #4060RebelGTP01 hrs 19 min52 miles-
Unsuitable for long vehiclesanwsmumGarden Gnome #1010TheLonePenguin05 hrs 07 min52 miles-
Quick Deploy by habuhabuGarden Gnome #33Shigoist01 hrs 40 min53 miles-
silver up right,robandeliGarden Gnome #16halizwein00 hrs 04 min53 miles-
LP11TinyTrioGarden Gnome #3604silverknights03 hrs 57 min54 miles-
blue grit binmickyzGarden Gnome #585Keebs00 hrs 12 min54 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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