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99 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Weston MVMV1ncenzoPortugal Global Grub07 hrs 06 min59 miles-
JC530rodzGreece Global Grub03 hrs 55 min115 miles-
LE - Don't Walk Too FastJayJayBee8Korea Global Grub00 hrs 18 min169 miles-
Plas Coch Virtual Munzee By markp2003 #1markp2003Sweden Global Grub03 hrs 51 min174 miles-
Get well soon matt 🚑🤗rachdcfcMexico Global Grub06 hrs 32 min177 miles-
AndyScorch's Codnor MVM White#1andyscorchPortugal Global Grub00 hrs 22 min178 miles-
P&R Greenies 2sickmanPakistan Global Grub01 hrs 07 min181 miles-
Lp by binsandrayThailand Global Grub06 hrs 22 min183 miles-
trollMossleyMuppetsIndia Global Grub00 hrs 09 min207 miles-
MVM WhitesarahbrisbaneMexico Global Grub06 hrs 17 min233 miles-
M Virtual Munzee @ A9alohakasMontenegro Global Grub07 hrs 40 min333 miles-
Fitness Shoe 7,26ShigoistSweden Global Grub10 hrs 06 min373 miles-
WK-trio feikjenSpain Global Grub07 hrs 50 min381 miles-
Butzweilerstraße - KölnKleineWelpPakistan Global Grub10 hrs 07 min409 miles-
Emdener Strasse (8727)ReMiKuIndia Global Grub01 hrs 26 min411 miles-
DiSaRu #0619 Wapen van Hengelo (R6 / C5)DiSaRuMontenegro Global Grub06 hrs 39 min414 miles-
#2051ColoniusGreece Global Grub04 hrs 41 min418 miles-
Langs het Reitdiep 11henkiebenkiePakistan Global Grub07 hrs 59 min425 miles-
SlochterveldwegStroommanPakistan Global Grub06 hrs 27 min435 miles-
Virtual Olive Green HummelchenHummelchenUSA Global Grub09 hrs 50 min440 miles-
ASBCTeamItaly Global Grub03 hrs 51 min473 miles-
Licht 49EfjotThailand Global Grub04 hrs 00 min491 miles-
MVM WhitealohakasPortugal Global Grub10 hrs 27 min498 miles-
KulturhalleiDropsKorea Global Grub01 hrs 25 min503 miles-
Emmertal Naturschutz GebietcaminoPakistan Global Grub07 hrs 55 min519 miles-
Bad RappenauboersenbaerbenSpain Global Grub02 hrs 19 min521 miles-
SchozachLenchenonTourIndia Global Grub10 hrs 33 min527 miles-
Tomcat Abstatt 46-26GeoHubiMexico Global Grub00 hrs 22 min533 miles-
Celle - Thaer's Garten #10 HachikoHachikoFrance Global Grub00 hrs 01 min556 miles-
Lebensretter EckernfördeBellaEdwardPakistan Global Grub02 hrs 10 min582 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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