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45 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
GC Redmile to Bottesford 36hazysunshineItaly Global Grub00 hrs 50 min178 miles-
Norkie @ Venta IcenorumNorkieSweden Global Grub09 hrs 33 min213 miles-
Gladlee's Menston V1GladleeUSA Global Grub07 hrs 14 min232 miles-
K 83 16keromarItaly Global Grub08 hrs 54 min313 miles-
greetings from LuxembourgpowerflowerItaly Global Grub04 hrs 40 min356 miles-
maupel Pinguin whitemaupelUSA Global Grub01 hrs 02 min385 miles-
Drentse vlag R11 K40RoelfjeMexico Global Grub05 hrs 14 min399 miles-
Coendersbos #18TeamSonniGreece Global Grub02 hrs 32 min413 miles-
StetnstraßeHelena80Thailand Global Grub02 hrs 57 min422 miles-
FledermausFlattermausItaly Global Grub07 hrs 06 min581 miles-
Tour de NOK - 13philnuimKorea Global Grub04 hrs 15 min588 miles-
Lundvej - HorsenskbcSwitzerland Global Grub03 hrs 36 min624 miles-
Grün für Leipzig 20abcgaertnerGreece Global Grub04 hrs 20 min642 miles-
50er Feier by vertex14vertex14Mexico Global Grub03 hrs 01 min692 miles-
Grauer KastensashimiKorea Global Grub06 hrs 16 min692 miles-
2Witches Munkfors-Ransäter Info2witchesKorea Global Grub06 hrs 32 min894 miles-
Ostrava N24RarakuSweden Global Grub10 hrs 23 min911 miles-
Jibby Fest Euro 2016DasReich45Japan Global Grub10 hrs 24 min988 miles-
Most ZamkowyMiki05Sweden Global Grub03 hrs 52 min1075 miles-
Hyvää joulua!mandelloUSA Global Grub09 hrs 40 min1407 miles-
WalmartTlamarcheItaly Global Grub11 hrs 38 min3299 miles-
Virtual MunzeeKapumSweden Global Grub10 hrs 08 min3353 miles-
CC 1pituophisChina Global Grub07 hrs 23 min3520 miles-
M Virtual Munzee @ FEDEXFIELDalohakasSweden Global Grub02 hrs 05 min3582 miles-
MVM @ Donegal & I-76PhorsyteUSA Global Grub01 hrs 48 min3634 miles-
Wellness Park---Karen HowardCharKim222Thailand Global Grub03 hrs 01 min3652 miles-
WCP Nice View 2chihuahuak94meChina Global Grub05 hrs 45 min3657 miles-
Prospect Av Trailpulda1Korea Global Grub07 hrs 40 min3814 miles-
McHenry, IL,USAMinerva123Australia Global Grub08 hrs 26 min3892 miles-
Light pole BwgauppThailand Global Grub11 hrs 49 min3956 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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