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The closest 'special' munzees...

133 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Itchen Valley Country ParkstaticalbatrossGold'n Coins RUMbot #186Patellen01 hrs 22 min55 miles-
And then there were none by Agathie ChristieshrimpSCGS RUMbot #305boneto00 hrs 42 min67 miles-
Route De GrosnezJerseyGeocacherGeoLoggers RUMbot #316MariaHTJ01 hrs 14 min90 miles-
playpark 3drnickfGeoLoggers RUMbot #329twerth01 hrs 37 min116 miles-
Radmore RdHugseyBearSCGS RUMbot #283bearmomscouter03 hrs 51 min145 miles-
Pye Green Road Bus ShelterSkunkAdamskiGold'n Coins RUMbot #222reej03 hrs 31 min150 miles-
Slough Lane5tuNEGS RUMbot #158Shigoist04 hrs 59 min154 miles-
Quick Deploy By PookledoPookledoGold'n Coins RUMbot #230Lanyasummer05 hrs 22 min161 miles-
Arthur's Grove MoonsterGold'n Coins RUMbot #228tcguru03 hrs 07 min240 miles-
BruggeTinkerbelNEGS RUMbot #301boneto03 hrs 30 min251 miles-
Knooppunt 39, Cadzand 2283LeusinkNEGS RUMbot #281reej00 hrs 12 min261 miles-
PassageTrappertjeSCGS RUMbot #294humbird703 hrs 43 min310 miles-
Plattegrond - OosterheemLuckieStarNEGS RUMbot #282Ctrex01 hrs 37 min319 miles-
Bisonstraat PurmerendgerardzGeoLoggers RUMbot #337squirreledaway00 hrs 07 min344 miles-
Würselenerstr. / B57RNils02SCGS RUMbot #234kcpride02 hrs 35 min376 miles-
Vynen PgruenthalerGold'n Coins RUMbot #229boneto04 hrs 16 min392 miles-
(VARIA) Bergje - Stegeren #2reejSCGS RUMbot #280Kobeses02 hrs 53 min408 miles-
Nederland 4 - JipsinghuizenSpikerfolketSCGS RUMbot #285cbasd00 hrs 15 min443 miles-
Lindenholzhausen-Zaunpfostenoesel123NEGS RUMbot #219J1Huisman03 hrs 22 min465 miles-
La LauterMikeay89SCGS RUMbot #308Marc5414000 hrs 07 min475 miles-
Brilon BürgerwaldGeoBeTaGold'n Coins RUMbot #227RebelGTP05 hrs 54 min483 miles-
Gießen - Anneröder WegGanralfGeoLoggers RUMbot #328twerth03 hrs 00 min488 miles-
SV Schopfheimmik007NEGS RUMbot #274squirreledaway01 hrs 07 min506 miles-
RastplatzSamNbgGeoLoggers RUMbot #274crscousins00 hrs 42 min517 miles-
Ohne Motor, Brugg, Obergrüt-BadialsAGunterwegsNEGS RUMbot #275rara02 hrs 06 min526 miles-
Ohne Motor, VillmergenalsAGunterwegsGeoLoggers RUMbot #322candyfloss6402 hrs 44 min532 miles-
Malters Gleis 3AwoennyGeoLoggers RUMbot #318Felix1103 hrs 52 min540 miles-
LaterneplueschcomanderGold'n Coins RUMbot #226smurfy9804 hrs 22 min618 miles-
Elektric Man 8/6KaraRekeGeoLoggers RUMbot #331Beermaven00 hrs 16 min635 miles-
Basketball-Platz GradaGeoLoggers RUMbot #320vmbiohazard03 hrs 09 min636 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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