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The closest 'special' munzees...

3,478 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Skyland... Whynot?? tomfrancxsGWRENCH #299mickilynn7100 hrs 00 min5 miles-
RingsteadGozzerLOC04LMOTIVE #895Wright3800 hrs 00 min7 miles-
Knightwood's Dorchester Fire Munzee 9knightwoodLOC04LMOTIVE #712Nickoes00 hrs 00 min11 miles-
Black box m33nuttynanhollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min11 miles-
Sign postsethnlynTR33 T0PP3R #1798Nierenstein00 hrs 00 min19 miles-
no loading signLILYGRIMALDILOC04LMOTIVE #674Lenkki00 hrs 00 min24 miles-
Rover bus stoppenguins3hollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min24 miles-
western ave telegraph poletaxi343hollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min25 miles-
Knightwood's Meyrick Park Virtual 1knightwoodjollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min27 miles-
LP 3LILYGRIMALDIhollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min28 miles-
N1NJ4 ST4R Munzeeksullivann1nj4st4r00 hrs 00 min29 miles-
parking restrictions postLILYGRIMALDIhollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min29 miles-
Minimise in Seaton #6minimisejollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min30 miles-
Burleigh green boxHerbiehollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min30 miles-
Green box burtonsportytaxiGWRENCH #402AJMcc48000 hrs 00 min32 miles-
May Gardens GreenknightwoodLOC04LMOTIVE #920BituX00 hrs 00 min35 miles-
Honiton 💦 LympstoneBigtrottershollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min36 miles-
The Needles Viewpoint GribbenTR33 T0PP3R #1682JustMe00 hrs 00 min39 miles-
Hordle VM 1humbird7jollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min39 miles-
Tilted StumpPixiewixTR33 T0PP3R #1389Mhaz00 hrs 00 min39 miles-
Bicycler 118PixiewixGWRENCH #227Bowlr00 hrs 00 min40 miles-
N1NJ4 ST4R MunzeeTubaDuden1nj4st4r00 hrs 00 min41 miles-
N1NJ4 ST4R MunzeeTubaDuden1nj4st4r00 hrs 00 min41 miles-
WR3NCH Munzeevirtualswr3nch00 hrs 00 min41 miles-
Brixington FootpathLympstoneBigtrottersGWRENCH #132CoalCracker700 hrs 00 min42 miles-
Skylander3WhoisthedaddyLOC04LMOTIVE #686Supersrdcs00 hrs 00 min42 miles-
Don't call me: Farringdon Parish Council notice boStueyTR33 T0PP3R #419FIWN00 hrs 00 min44 miles-
Salisburybev60jollychristmascracker00 hrs 00 min44 miles-
Culmstock BeaconRainbowjoGWRENCH #250AJB77700 hrs 00 min44 miles-
Quick Deploy by MadDogLadyMadDogLadyLOC04LMOTIVE #352Hupilus00 hrs 00 min45 miles-

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