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54,072 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
twohoots portland virtualtwohootsElekter #264wanderings05 hrs 01 min0 miles-
Portland Harbour Blue StreakGeorifflesWalla Joy Egg02 hrs 24 min2 miles-
Rip Croft to Avalanche - low on 12R85GeorifflesBanshee Munzee #39starman9900 hrs 23 min2 miles-
Chesil Beach MVM 2.0GeorifflesCyborg Santa #831MartyParty00 hrs 01 min2 miles-
8 Kings Telepole THGeorifflesMilly Magnetus #44Bethannie304 hrs 40 min2 miles-
Georiffles' Southwell SkylandGeorifflesSafiir #341lupo600 hrs 01 min2 miles-
Georiffles' Southwell SkylandGeorifflesAmetust #472mdtt01 hrs 18 min2 miles-
Georiffles' Southwell SkylandGeorifflesPegasus Munzee #421golv02 hrs 06 min2 miles-
Georiffles' Southwell SkylandGeorifflesOniks #234stineB04 hrs 11 min2 miles-
Welcome to Portland CommonsTheAsgardRubiin #455WanderingSoul202 hrs 33 min3 miles-
FM - Wyke Regis LibraryGeorifflesNever Nudged Chinese Dragon #906nuttynan04 hrs 09 min3 miles-
WeymouthBeach 12rgforsytheSpyderbot #17741dreiengel00 hrs 00 min4 miles-
Fernhill AveGeorifflesMuru #825Netkaloz03 hrs 36 min5 miles-
Chickerell - Jurassic Coast signGeorifflesUnicorn Munzee #1216leea140100 hrs 54 min5 miles-
7L312dorsetknobNymph Munzee #742skrapyram10 hrs 12 min6 miles-
83L124 door - Littlemoor RdGeorifflesPimedus #224Hoberanger05 hrs 24 min7 miles-
Quick Deploy by AlphaWolfAlphaWolfVirtual Warrior Nomad08 hrs 39 min11 miles-
Maumbury Rings - The Roman AmphitheatredorsetknobTopaas #939Sternenkind04 hrs 13 min11 miles-
Fire10PompeyAquilaDragon Munzee #1077Nicoless09 hrs 07 min11 miles-
The SunsethnlynHydra Munzee #1171Emorillo05 hrs 13 min12 miles-
Little BredyGozzerAkvamariin #74tonydev02 hrs 23 min12 miles-
LP 8AspenPinesTonks #132bandofhawks07 hrs 43 min13 miles-
Green cabinet @ PunknowledorsetknobVesi #1315lindselaine01 hrs 52 min14 miles-
MVM WhitesethnlynTsitriin #584GrandpaArvada03 hrs 01 min17 miles-
LP 4S110LILYGRIMALDICybersaurus Rex #84mdtt02 hrs 08 min17 miles-
PASTIES!TheEvilPolesPuffle #215Shewhofishes02 hrs 58 min18 miles-
CorfeGozzerVesi #242dQuest03 hrs 55 min18 miles-
21W109 West St - BridportGeorifflesPimedus #775foxyankee00 hrs 00 min19 miles-
Harmans CrossmrandcrOniks #94valmie01 hrs 32 min19 miles-
Round about heresethnlynPimedus #1264TeamRR02 hrs 46 min19 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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