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38,267 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Heights Hotel Portland virtual pilsleyguypilsleyguyPegasus Munzee #139BayCityRoller06 hrs 03 min0 miles-
Weston - green boxGeorifflesMitmegu #1241familyd00 hrs 00 min1 miles-
8 Kings Telepole THGeorifflesGerman Mermaid #473boneto02 hrs 40 min2 miles-
8 Kings Telepole THGeorifflesMitmegu #648Traycee03 hrs 48 min2 miles-
8 Kings Telepole THGeorifflesHydra Munzee #481Neesu10 hrs 11 min2 miles-
Georiffles' Southwell SkylandGeorifflesBanshee Munzee #422alaumann04 hrs 40 min2 miles-
Chesil VistaGozzerPimedus #84I-spy05 hrs 40 min3 miles-
Portland Bill - Blue signGeorifflesFaun Munzee #1146gelada00 hrs 27 min3 miles-
Peters Weymouth guest housePetersPuffle #958driver58204 hrs 06 min4 miles-
X4A22 door - Abbotsbury RdGeorifflesCyclops Munzee #422NF501 hrs 50 min4 miles-
CctvGeorifflesTopaas #423rlp03 hrs 12 min5 miles-
8S217 behind - Spa RdGeorifflesCyclops Munzee #574miri6808 hrs 25 min5 miles-
5O8 door - Oakbury DriveGeorifflesNymph Munzee #915xbon00 hrs 27 min6 miles-
Crossing signdorsetknobPimedus #650bonkriss1303 hrs 12 min6 miles-
Virtual Munzee Lulworth Cove RaggedRobinPegasus Munzee #945Horsebabe8705 hrs 09 min9 miles-
LP 44dorsetknobCyclops Munzee #1581gcw15103 hrs 35 min10 miles-
MadDogLady's MVM YellowMadDogLadyAmetust #846mvstoo02 hrs 16 min11 miles-
8E45 door low - Edward RdGeorifflesNymph Munzee #971JAL08 hrs 50 min11 miles-
Abbotsbury HillGozzerYeti Munzee #1719kasimir09 hrs 50 min11 miles-
Air MysteryGizPegasus Munzee #557Spinver02 hrs 07 min12 miles-
A35 EastGozzerRetired Yeti Munzee #1012ChrisMJ01 hrs 29 min15 miles-
Wooden postmoonkatukFaun Munzee #603smurfy9801 hrs 06 min15 miles-
Diamond on the dogBabydaneTux Flat Rob #641munzeekate859703 hrs 13 min16 miles-
Wareham Pay & DisplayGozzerTeemant #573Belboz03 hrs 23 min17 miles-
Lp 56pilsleyguyYeti Munzee #11Squirrel_Chef04 hrs 57 min17 miles-
Memories of my Youth !chuckysbackPegasus Munzee #1003lankyspanky11 hrs 24 min18 miles-
Lamp postcentretapLeprechaun Munzee #707Werewulf07 hrs 09 min18 miles-
Deep water?sethnlynBanshee Munzee #927Apophis7708 hrs 43 min19 miles-
Big Y Leaning FirUbiqueMagnetus #735TubaDude02 hrs 42 min19 miles-
Rest areaStueyTeemant #376stanleyseekers01 hrs 34 min19 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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