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636 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Last virtual TangoXtreem DeployedTangoXtreemThor lord of sparkles #727jayterho00 hrs 55 min23 miles-
Skyland on B3165dorsetknobElekter #172lupo605 hrs 00 min25 miles-
A31 Electric Mystery by JamspongeandouzyJamspongeandouzyElekter #233G100000 hrs 40 min31 miles-
Grey Virtual MunzeeChrionsElekter #608DVDNJYC05 hrs 27 min43 miles-
Lyndhurst Virtual by iAllyAnneiAllyAnneElekter #10martinp1303 hrs 23 min44 miles-
EastdonClelandElekter #110Buffalo11303 hrs 56 min44 miles-
NFC Schneider HangarDynamiteDunxOhmaneel's Elekter #591ohmaneel03 hrs 38 min53 miles-
Oak Tree GreenspaceJBurdenElekter #321DHitz03 hrs 42 min60 miles-
Southsea RainbowknightwoodElekter #556Rawhyd05 hrs 43 min61 miles-
Premier Inn Cardiff Sth -Virtual 👻🏩zorkElekter #314Moonster02 hrs 58 min71 miles-
StationMasters SkylandStationMasterElekter #256jameshau8402 hrs 56 min73 miles-
Wales M4ryvesElekter #404MetteS04 hrs 19 min75 miles-
Plymouth SkylandtrevosetreckersElekter #874war1man03 hrs 53 min76 miles-
Btw happy 2020 💚rainbowtaxiElekter #853squirreledaway03 hrs 24 min87 miles-
Virtual Black Munzee JERZEE Clan 6/15dielangeElekter #864Suomieven02 hrs 33 min93 miles-
SkylandAmanda122Elekter #41BrianMoos04 hrs 45 min99 miles-
Tiddesley All Weather #13nuttynanElekter #379ozarkcheryl01 hrs 13 min108 miles-
Near to home lankyspankyElekter #276bearmomscouter02 hrs 03 min120 miles-
Virtual railway points - Bromley South StationterrydElekter #563SharSv82403 hrs 28 min122 miles-
M5 Junct 4 - 3 Dec 2016 9JamiedogElekter #37Depression00 hrs 00 min128 miles-
M1 Quick Deploy by BenandlouBenandlouElekter #104LympstoneBigtrotters04 hrs 06 min129 miles-
A 507 Virtual MunzeeBenandlouElekter #658Eskiss01 hrs 04 min134 miles-
TheJenks7 at HimleyTheJenks7Elekter #208Allinfunners05 hrs 23 min136 miles-
Rock the More 🤟SidcupElekter #432spdx203 hrs 32 min139 miles-
#0 Virtual A14 EnglandsiriusddElekter #464tonydev01 hrs 21 min152 miles-
Cambridge Garden 31 TumbleweedtwoleftkneesElekter #85AwesomeMini3B304 hrs 12 min159 miles-
For my nanny and grandad ChefmummyyummyElekter #298grubsneerg05 hrs 32 min164 miles-
Kate's Trowell ServicesKate6985Elekter #358Humphr1d03 hrs 01 min174 miles-
Welcome to Wrexham markp2003Elekter #749superchucklez05 hrs 08 min174 miles-
Electric band MysteryTamigotchiElekter #885Aiden2900 hrs 04 min176 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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