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The closest 'special' munzees...

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Georiffles' MVM - Portland MarinaGeorifflesHeavenly Hammock03 hrs 03 min1 miles
Crossbow MunzeewavvyHeavenly Hammock03 hrs 55 min9 miles
Dorchester Fire 2MrsCupcakeHeavenly Hammock04 hrs 36 min11 miles
Dorchester by blackcat15blackcat15Heavenly Hammock04 hrs 28 min11 miles
Crossbow MunzeePixiewixHeavenly Hammock03 hrs 24 min14 miles
River Brit CrossbowdorsetknobHeavenly Hammock04 hrs 55 min19 miles
MVM WhiteOldFruitsHeavenly Hammock01 hrs 51 min20 miles
Crossbow MunzeesethnlynHeavenly Hammock04 hrs 29 min20 miles
Training venuePixiewixHeavenly Hammock00 hrs 54 min24 miles
Quick Deploy by sethnlynsethnlynHeavenly Hammock04 hrs 37 min24 miles
Red MVMcentretapHeavenly Hammock03 hrs 48 min25 miles
Crossbow MunzeeFound2012Heavenly Hammock02 hrs 24 min27 miles
Quick Deploy By RaggedRobinRaggedRobinHeavenly Hammock02 hrs 13 min27 miles
Protect the ChannelitsonlymeHeavenly Hammock01 hrs 45 min28 miles
Muscliff Crossbow 🛡lads2013Heavenly Hammock05 hrs 15 min29 miles
Quick Deploy by BraziliaBraziliaHeavenly Hammock03 hrs 48 min30 miles
Littledown CrossbowHuggybearHeavenly Hammock03 hrs 32 min30 miles
Crossbow for Cross Keys Pub MunzeeJamspongeandouzyHeavenly Hammock01 hrs 09 min31 miles
A303 River ParretDaviegHeavenly Hammock02 hrs 41 min31 miles
Knightwood's Christchurch Ruby Virtual No 3knightwoodHeavenly Hammock04 hrs 18 min31 miles
Cartgate CrossbowChrionsHeavenly Hammock05 hrs 26 min31 miles
Crossbow Spur RoadFound2012Heavenly Hammock00 hrs 39 min32 miles
Verwood bowBraziliaHeavenly Hammock02 hrs 41 min33 miles
Quick Deploy by Piggy145Piggy145Heavenly Hammock00 hrs 20 min34 miles
🔥 fire pretty! Now don't get too HOT!shinysarahHeavenly Hammock03 hrs 50 min36 miles
Quick Deploy By GrowlersGrowlersHeavenly Hammock02 hrs 47 min36 miles
MadMeany's Virtual MunzeeMadMeanyHeavenly Hammock03 hrs 11 min37 miles
Quick Deploy by Piggy145Piggy145Heavenly Hammock02 hrs 38 min37 miles
Eduardo protects Newton eastPompeyAquilaHeavenly Hammock01 hrs 48 min39 miles
Bicton college tonydevHeavenly Hammock00 hrs 28 min39 miles

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time