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39 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Russell St CPChrionsZombie Tuli #848virtuals01 hrs 41 min36 miles-
N12s pub crawl The Three Locksnorfolk12Zombie Tuli #74pastebucket05 hrs 11 min122 miles-
L19LEIGribbenRetired Fairy Munzee #96virtuals05 hrs 40 min136 miles-
Summer Leys #5GribbenZombie Vesi #533virtuals05 hrs 23 min140 miles-
Bench fireant89Zombie Tuli #934virtuals05 hrs 17 min175 miles-
La PiscineBraziliaZombie Tuli #1481virtuals05 hrs 25 min196 miles-
BirdlifeJonH69Retired Banshee Munzee #990virtuals05 hrs 14 min212 miles-
Dorpsstraat HeerdeSuperKoeRetired Mermaid Munzee #528virtuals05 hrs 39 min386 miles-
Testrup HospitalJyden67Retired Mermaid Munzee #939virtuals05 hrs 14 min647 miles-
EssoTeamReiterZombie Vesi #921virtuals05 hrs 18 min708 miles-
Brevik GlommenberocoderZombie Vesi #855virtuals05 hrs 13 min745 miles-
OscarsborggyrodudeRetired Fairy Munzee #517SmithBoys305 hrs 16 min811 miles-
Nádudvar, postaJakabGyorgyZombie Tuli #1019SmithBoys303 hrs 51 min1087 miles-
Hillittömät kurvitMokuskamZombie Tuli #187virtuals06 hrs 13 min1233 miles-
Mini Series 17DakodalovesTommyZombie Tuli #1173virtuals05 hrs 39 min3191 miles-
Outback Steakhouse LowellawaomeRetired Mermaid Munzee #935virtuals05 hrs 45 min3197 miles-
Super Domino Paint LPmortonfoxRetired Fairy Munzee #66virtuals06 hrs 43 min3487 miles-
CasinomunzeemagsZombie Tuli #1077virtuals03 hrs 21 min3753 miles-
Lake Loramie 25crazyhick502000Zombie Tuli #441virtuals05 hrs 21 min3825 miles-
Family Dollar LpmarkcaseZombie Muru #790virtuals05 hrs 10 min3839 miles-
POWER to CameronMustardZombie Vesi #851virtuals09 hrs 09 min3887 miles-
#047 ParasectryneeRetired Mermaid Munzee #959SmithBoys305 hrs 11 min3935 miles-
Good to GO 15DougHZombie Vesi #726SmithBoys305 hrs 15 min3940 miles-
Stop againbossladyZombie Tuli #1408virtuals05 hrs 19 min4165 miles-
Next to cozy Covethe1acwrightZombie Tuli #70O05 hrs 27 min4261 miles-
S.R. 54 East #1086pepsimanZombie Tuli #1008targeteer2k05 hrs 26 min4324 miles-
Hello Elect City-1jimmobb3Retired Fairy Munzee #462virtuals07 hrs 07 min4437 miles-
Lions and tigers and bears?nolaradioRetired Banshee Munzee #257virtuals06 hrs 35 min4529 miles-
Estelle Cemetery TreeStrypeZombie Tuli #868virtuals06 hrs 16 min4690 miles-
Dollar treeKelleymcZombie Tuli #1456lumunzeephil05 hrs 57 min4702 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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