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The closest 'special' munzees...

1,195 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
LPFound2012Nymph Munzee #314isabelle7409 hrs 12 min28 miles-
Bears Picnic SpotthetwobearsNymph Munzee #381jfigel10 hrs 39 min31 miles-
Dead and whitePixiewixNymph Munzee #831 by jokerFG #831jokerFG09 hrs 00 min41 miles-
LL - The HolliesCaptainKiddNymph Munzee #1088JS196509 hrs 24 min44 miles-
Ilsham Trail 7LordDarcyNymph Munzee #1178duncdonut7308 hrs 56 min47 miles-
Woolston-Green boxHideyRobNymph Munzee #283bossmanlee02 hrs 19 min52 miles-
lp7,Southamptontaxi343Nymph Munzee #994luckylizard01 hrs 35 min53 miles-
sabre clnewbeeNymph Munzee #907TeamSarton06 hrs 35 min53 miles-
DLM 2.13 Last CallaxwoodNymph Munzee #770coolcowcachers06 hrs 17 min57 miles-
Green box, WinfordGeorifflesTami's Angel Nymph #33EarthAngel07 hrs 34 min58 miles-
LpjnorvalNymph Munzee #514Bobcat00 hrs 44 min59 miles-
Duck sign JBurdenNymph Munzee #1168laceepacee03 hrs 52 min60 miles-
Can we cross yet? GinnyPotterNymph Munzee #797PaigesMagick01 hrs 02 min63 miles-
Parking MunzeeclaptrapNymph Munzee #71RebelGTP09 hrs 19 min68 miles-
Ffordd Traws CwmWriteAndManeNymph Munzee #431Crazycolorado04 hrs 27 min78 miles-
SV 5 3tamartrudgerNymph Munzee #581Patterc04 hrs 38 min79 miles-
The WalkVeedub-girlNymph Munzee #699SKATI08 hrs 17 min84 miles-
Watts 4rh upright from leftWriteAndManeNymph Munzee #183158165907 hrs 26 min91 miles-
Another indecisive sign 20 or 30TheRealHunterNymph Munzee #852Opulent07 hrs 52 min98 miles-
Lamp post 31RaggedRobinNymph Munzee #906Geizz04 hrs 33 min101 miles-
Over The bridgeminimiseNymph Munzee #793Lally07 hrs 37 min103 miles-
Hills 1BabydaneNymph Munzee #461georeyna10 hrs 03 min104 miles-
Welcome to Box Hill 🌄james69Nymph Munzee #1125KingPrawn02 hrs 10 min105 miles-
Naphill Common mapKeejayashNymph Munzee #248thelanes11 hrs 30 min105 miles-
Seaford Head Walk 10canonbellNymph Munzee #783duracell7905 hrs 32 min113 miles-
unowho67@Halfordunowho67Nymph Munzee #276sickman00 hrs 46 min113 miles-
5rodzNymph Munzee #983Zephyrus02 hrs 15 min113 miles-
WTF: PolishgeoibsonsNymph Munzee #1149Ridgerunner03 hrs 57 min113 miles-
Heritage Motor CentreivanideaNymph Munzee #946Orky9901 hrs 55 min121 miles-
Hor 2 Hail 9canonbellNymph O #25daysleeperdot01 hrs 54 min121 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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