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1,197 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Awesome Arable #2Found2012Nymph Munzee #942armadillogal01 hrs 39 min26 miles-
Bus timetabledorsetknobNymph Munzee #419Arendsoog09 hrs 01 min30 miles-
Otterwood GateDynamiteDunxNymph Munzee #606CoffeeBender08 hrs 20 min48 miles-
Newtwo Railings in parknewtwoNymph Munzee #781Sjanten10 hrs 20 min49 miles-
L.P. 2 rockside (EXE)Beagle5berlin nymph [no nudge] #67JackSparrow02 hrs 07 min49 miles-
Train & Bed this waywebeon2itNymph Munzee #677sdgal04 hrs 39 min50 miles-
Weston Shore-SeatHideyRobNymph Munzee #895CTeam06 hrs 40 min52 miles-
BradingtatchNymph the Maniac #82OldSchoolSkater06 hrs 52 min57 miles-
Marwell Wildlife ParkDarthXrisFaerieDeeNymph Munzee #1083hebb03 hrs 22 min59 miles-
L/P 6HogglespikeNymph Munzee #112TeamTuukka02 hrs 26 min60 miles-
50yds No2FINDER400Nymph Munzee #341LFLVLUV07 hrs 32 min62 miles-
230 V CamoPetersNymph Munzee #930zork03 hrs 12 min63 miles-
Bring your Bike! | cosmickingdom cosmickingdomNymph Munzee #233Sergio0600 hrs 09 min82 miles-
Please take your litter homebudgeNymph Munzee #1109DutchDevil08 hrs 13 min92 miles-
canal fencepputzNymph Munzee #616Packrat105308 hrs 25 min97 miles-
Possible QueueingiAllyAnneNymph Munzee #709mikedee07 hrs 24 min102 miles-
Danger of deathzomlingsElectra #713KaposiaDarcy03 hrs 00 min102 miles-
Pharaoh's Island 🔔james69Nymph Munzee #928n0b0dy002 hrs 02 min103 miles-
Walk To Station 4 H/HcanonbellNymph Munzee #996OberonKenobi03 hrs 32 min107 miles-
PoleChezzyLegsNymph Munzee #389PeachesnCream10 hrs 44 min110 miles-
Messing about by the river - info boardTheJenks7Nymph Munzee #596Frostyiii11 hrs 36 min113 miles-
Generic NametrashpacsNymph Munzee #194BabyGirl21201 hrs 42 min115 miles-
Harewood GardensNikki83Nymph Munzee #1160GrimyMitts03 hrs 22 min116 miles-
LPwavvyNymph Munzee #1061WhidbeyChick00 hrs 24 min124 miles-
Grey box C18L betweenKcatNymph Munzee #938Betsy10 hrs 55 min128 miles-
White Sign MinizeecharliewatchNymph Munzee #1072jestoner04 hrs 29 min129 miles-
Merino ClosePeter1980Nymph Munzee #998tonatiuhc30201 hrs 59 min129 miles-
Coombe HavenlankyspankyNymph Munzee #396RvaFuskaaja07 hrs 32 min131 miles-
It's alright going downRcp78Nymph Munzee #142SpiritTree04 hrs 03 min136 miles-
Letchworth 1BenandlouNymph Munzee #919Faby09 hrs 10 min137 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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