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1,140 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Littlemoor - 19L225 behindGeorifflesNymph Munzee #507PelicanRouge03 hrs 02 min6 miles-
lamp post 98taxi343Nymph Munzee #281Miaiow01 hrs 21 min28 miles-
Claremont Skylandjonseyboy52Nymph Munzee #497SnR11 hrs 34 min29 miles-
Party time for Virtuals HerbieNymph Munzee #418Jerzee04 hrs 44 min30 miles-
LP 5 coverHerbieNymph Munzee #203Tossie08 hrs 16 min30 miles-
Moyles court baby oaksethnlynNymph Munzee #346bonkers00 hrs 52 min37 miles-
Marks SkylandJamspongeandouzyNymph Munzee #833LozzieNick09 hrs 50 min38 miles-
Colwell bay munzeedannyboy638Nymph Munzee #1007Werewulf08 hrs 08 min41 miles-
Vinnecombes HomeChrionsNymph Munzee #51candyfloss6411 hrs 01 min49 miles-
Waterloo Road CarasekNymph Munzee #738Shanley2505 hrs 31 min49 miles-
lonely munzeedannyboy638Nymph Munzee #375Pushindaisiesup04 hrs 56 min51 miles-
Highfield rustlingTinyTrioNymph Munzee #679chaosmanor10 hrs 49 min52 miles-
Hamble Pavilion-ESSOHideyRobNymph Munzee #119TexasBandits01 hrs 36 min54 miles-
Mansbridge Road LP44staticalbatrossNymph Munzee #755Olivetree07 hrs 27 min54 miles-
Bus Traveller - Thornhill AvenueDynamiteDunxNymph Munzee #8575Powells01 hrs 17 min54 miles-
Tp/lpmickyzNymph Munzee #976TheJudge10 hrs 37 min54 miles-
what a nice viewdannyboy638Nymph Munzee #19Bumble07 hrs 40 min57 miles-
LBR TreehousejnorvalNymph Munzee #758Stretfordender03 hrs 38 min57 miles-
Lp behind F&B nuttynanNymph Munzee #1056Coon11 hrs 19 min59 miles-
Tesco’s SkylandMorris1Nymph Munzee #71RebelGTP11 hrs 21 min59 miles-
Lp38hilbrehNymph Munzee #690BittFam1803 hrs 52 min63 miles-
Anchor Inn - UgboroughGeorifflesNymph Munzee #1229chickcj8205 hrs 40 min64 miles-
Park bench # 01jnorvalNymph Munzee #1182guido01 hrs 54 min64 miles-
Hayling SkylandchimemNymph Munzee #331fscheerhoorn11 hrs 00 min66 miles-
Georgenympton RoadDaviegNymph Munzee #636padraig10 hrs 46 min69 miles-
BewareJulysChildNymph Munzee #942armadillogal05 hrs 08 min69 miles-
Mo walk 44bonkersNymph Munzee #407naturelover00 hrs 34 min70 miles-
Topcats Treehouse topcat66Nymph Munzee #672Lihi8001 hrs 15 min75 miles-
Lamppost 10 behind belindamcsherryTonks #46RTHawk08 hrs 33 min75 miles-
LP 1Golfgal28Nymph Munzee #702greensfgiant00 hrs 43 min75 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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