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675 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Georiffles' MVM - Chesil BeachGeorifflesPuffle #48StaceyZ04 hrs 01 min2 miles-
Bournemouth Train Station VirtualFound2012Puffle #734mpip8204 hrs 04 min28 miles-
Quick Deploy by duncandilliesduncandilliesbazfum's Puffle #357bazfum00 hrs 13 min43 miles-
V visits ExmouthV1ncenzoPuffle #454Wekivamom03 hrs 56 min43 miles-
Stoney Cross Pk, Quick Deploy by TenaciousTTenaciousTPuffle #259MadMeany00 hrs 28 min44 miles-
Cancer Ribbon 3candyfloss64J1's Puffle #53J1Huisman04 hrs 49 min44 miles-
Old SarumTrayceePuffle #886wanderings00 hrs 30 min47 miles-
Virtual Paignton Zoolads2013Puffle #958driver58204 hrs 31 min51 miles-
Tesco Air MysteryIansamharrisPuffle #382gfneen02 hrs 54 min54 miles-
Quick Deploy by CharmorCharmorPuffle #85Bowlr04 hrs 52 min59 miles-
WestonpinokkioPuffle #768Pete9602 hrs 44 min60 miles-
Virtual Munzeelads2013Puffle #1064Justforfun3300 hrs 00 min62 miles-
A night at the theatremuddylegsPuffle #583Team-MTB-OC02 hrs 54 min62 miles-
Air Mysterytinks1941Puffle #522rabe8501 hrs 23 min63 miles-
Bristol Rovers New Home BasilgasPuffle #646DarthMaulMax05 hrs 02 min65 miles-
Virtual MunzeeCdruett49Puffle #260lynnslilypad04 hrs 56 min68 miles-
What a view Virtual MunzeeStationMasterPuffle #1062xbon04 hrs 25 min68 miles-
MVM WhiteduncandilliestooPuffle #1080rileyshayla00 hrs 00 min70 miles-
Plymouth Garden for SylvhunnieesPuffle #511granitente02 hrs 42 min76 miles-
A34 East IlsleytonydevPuffle #725leevisvard03 hrs 05 min84 miles-
Roam the DunesJerzeePuffle #954Alfr00 hrs 12 min94 miles-
Virtual Munzee @ SOFITEL HOTELalohakasPuffle #323Vike9100 hrs 55 min106 miles-
Quick Deploy By RaggedRobinRaggedRobinPuffle #932FNS00 hrs 30 min110 miles-
Newfruit @ M5 1st Worcester JunctionNewfruitPuffle #130penguinmom02 hrs 21 min112 miles-
Happy Birthday from The NetherlandsfscheerhoornPuffle #250BayCityRoller01 hrs 59 min112 miles-
Central Line Series: South RuislipJ20Puffle #95Geckoses01 hrs 14 min113 miles-
Perdiswell GardenV1ncenzoPuffle #39tomtom7100 hrs 29 min115 miles-
Davids Virtual MunzeeHogglespikePuffle #859crawil05 hrs 28 min116 miles-
Virtual House on the RockHogglespikePuffle #513Nanda06701 hrs 51 min116 miles-
rodz Kensington Gardens Virtual Munzee 024rodzPuffle #582Dreamcatchr03 hrs 17 min118 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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