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The closest 'special' munzees...

60 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
The Borough Arms Virtual MunzeedarrenjonesS4RC0PH4GUS #804KaposiaDarcy00 hrs 00 min102 miles-
MVM Argon away😁argon37S4RC0PH4GUS #839Simbinha01 hrs 40 min208 miles-
Quick Deploy By SivontimSivontimS4RC0PH4GUS #816LittleLazarusGoldenBalls00 hrs 49 min326 miles-
Kleurtjes op het asfalt #4SwelpjeS4RC0PH4GUS #878destolkjes4ever01 hrs 23 min356 miles-
TLF A1 schommel ZeumerentheLuckyFindersS4RC0PH4GUS #864poshrule01 hrs 52 min365 miles-
Virtual Red Violett Hummelchen 2HummelchenS4RC0PH4GUS #866LympstoneBigtrotters00 hrs 28 min444 miles-
1000 Captures/25000 P./4 neue badges 3.Juni 2014tschulioS4RC0PH4GUS #852Hiisiliisi01 hrs 47 min526 miles-
A2 MVMthorkelS4RC0PH4GUS #865Tossie02 hrs 23 min618 miles-
MVM WhiteSJULLES4RC0PH4GUS #833zoisrus00 hrs 22 min620 miles-
Virtual MunzeeAnetteS4RC0PH4GUS #849vjethro01 hrs 51 min641 miles-
Lloret De MarSnjstarS4RC0PH4GUS #872Obi-Cal01 hrs 20 min662 miles-
Comici v DolomitechzelvikS4RC0PH4GUS #828Babydane00 hrs 05 min705 miles-
Quick Deploy by Etneb5Etneb5S4RC0PH4GUS #844CoalCracker701 hrs 00 min775 miles-
Virtual MunzeePyttlika88S4RC0PH4GUS #874AussiAndy00 hrs 24 min793 miles-
Quick Deploy by Livgsnisten777Livgsnisten777S4RC0PH4GUS #830Chefvedder00 hrs 28 min810 miles-
Virtual MunzeeszipetiS4RC0PH4GUS #863gelada00 hrs 49 min994 miles-
Quick Deploy by FerenczikEditFerenczikEditS4RC0PH4GUS #826CoffeeBender00 hrs 00 min1087 miles-
Pienissä häissä vai ihan päissää?KimDemiS4RC0PH4GUS #842Cyberdude01 hrs 40 min1269 miles-
Ajellaan vähän toista kautta kottiin 😄TuumakeS4RC0PH4GUS #813gwendy02 hrs 08 min1393 miles-
Newtwo Alta MVM WhitenewtwoS4RC0PH4GUS #850Slunicko01 hrs 25 min1580 miles-
MVM WhitehalyurdS4RC0PH4GUS #825cbx100002 hrs 13 min3195 miles-
Thruway Green MVMRaymanS4RC0PH4GUS #853dreiengel00 hrs 00 min3491 miles-
My heart for Ronna GardenCzPeetS4RC0PH4GUS #837Shigoist01 hrs 55 min3531 miles-
Elevator MVM 2NanniandPapK57S4RC0PH4GUS #788grafinator00 hrs 10 min3547 miles-
Red Orange MunzeeOomaKS4RC0PH4GUS #7642dld2602 hrs 21 min3650 miles-
Virtual MunzeeCocobellaS4RC0PH4GUS #877PeterandGloria02 hrs 35 min3686 miles-
DMB - You Never KnowGruxS4RC0PH4GUS #835Lissu00 hrs 13 min3697 miles-
Thank you to all whom have served. 🇺🇸💕DalenBarbS4RC0PH4GUS #729tomasmolak02 hrs 03 min3764 miles-
BB54 Findlay MVMBigBill54S4RC0PH4GUS #831IggiePiggie00 hrs 29 min3768 miles-
Peace Love and Munzee 27ynotrowanS4RC0PH4GUS #720Railwayfan01 hrs 37 min3823 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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