Special rare munzees map:

Munzees deployed by Whomp Nation on their coast to coast trip across Canada
Munzees deployed by Wayward Nation on their trip across the USA
Special diamond munzee to celebrate Paverick being the first player to reach 1 million points.
A residual Ice Bucket challenge special to celebrate the 2 millionth deploy
The 6 millionth active deploy
Permanent and the first Flat Matt. Located at MHQ
Permanent Flat Rob. Located at MHQ
Garfield virtual pins marking statues in Muncie, Indiana
The Get Fit Munzee Trail... 30 virtual trail munzees in Spartanburg, SC
Permanent and the first Flat Lou. Located at Tower Bridge, London
Permanent Flat Hammock. Located at Gettysburg.
InternationElles' Tour de France route 2019 (cycled by Lou)
The 8,888,888th Munzee deployed
The 10 Millionth Deployed Munzee